Dec 12

With Bosphorus agency Istanbul, the Istanbul shipping company takes care of the needs of ship owners and charterers. Providing full agency, practical approach, and cost-effective facilities at Turkish Straits and Ports. 

Istanbul strait shipping agency;

In the maritime world, the Turkish straits are recognized as one of the most challenging waterways. In recognition of this, the Istanbul strait shipping agency offers constructive and seamless transit services to all kinds of vessels on a 24/7 basis. 

  • Motorboat service at anchorage or during transit

  • Crew transportation and repatriation

  • Fresh water supply

  • Cash to master

  • Spare part delivery with custom clearance

  • Other ship facilities within the field of transit or anchorage 

Bosphorus Shipping Agency 

Through our own office, we provide the full range of Port Agency services in Istanbul and Izmit Bay. The Bosphorus shipping agency can provide direct agency services to all shipyards in the Istanbul region, including Yalova. 

Bosphorus Ship Service

Our routines at ship services:

  • Providing detailed details and knowledge about docks/yards and directions for pre-arrival. 

  • Details on rules and regulations in national/international terms. 

  • Total agency facilities from arrival till departure in port and dry dock. 

  • Visits by boats, at least twice a day during dry-docking. 

  • Arrangement for owners/representatives for hotel accommodation and transportation facilities. 

  • Determination of the appropriate scope of work during dry-docking. 

  • Sourcing locally for spare parts and maintenance assistance. 

  • Custom spare parts approval. 

  • Establishing relations between the representative owners and the requested service providers. 

Istanbul Bosphorus Agency 

The Istanbul Bosphorus Agency is committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective services to the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits and Izmit Bay ports

Ship Services;

  • Anchorage, transit and drifting field motorboat operation 

  • Transportation and repatriation for crew 

  • Supplying freshwater 

  • Master's cash 

  • Envelope service 

  • With custom clearance, spare part delivery 

  • Removing waste and sludge 

  • Supply to bonded store 

  • Common and technical supplies of ships 

  • Lubricant lubes 

  • Medicinal requirements 

  • Publications nautical 

We always try to present the best facilities.