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The act of making one ship or boat pull (tow) another is towage. The puller is referred to as the tug, while the tow is referred to as the vessel pulled.

Companies have been conducting pilotage, towage, and escort services in Turkey's busiest ports; our companies are available 365 days a year to fulfill your towage and pilotage navigation requirements at any time, day or night. We provide pilotage within each of the various ports. Our qualified pilots are well versed in the techniques of navigation necessary for all vessel types and sizes.

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In Turkey, the hiring fee for powered sea vehicles is obtained for a period that begins when the sea vehicle leaves the berthing place and ends by returning the vehicle to the same place. However, the times for which no services have been delivered due to the institution's fault shall not be taken into account in the estimation of costs.

Fees are determined based on the basic fees related to scheduled and non-scheduled escort services, excluding salvage-assistance situations. In any case, a minimum service fee of 1 hour is charged. For service time exceeding 1 hour, for every 15 minutes and fractions, one-fourth of the fee is collected.

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Our modern and maneuverable tugs, ranging from 29 to 73 tons, are capable of towing, escorting, or mooring any sort of vessel, regardless of tonnage length. They are all navigated by crew members with experienced and trusted mariners.

Our fully integrated services ensure the secure beginning or termination of every voyage, from the smallest coaster to the largest tanker.

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We are always ready to serve our towage shipping to make our clients feel so pleased with our towage services in Yalova. Please do not hesitate to contact us.