Nov 30

Tuzla shipping agency, on behalf of ship owners, tenants or managers, is responsible for the general interests of its customers as well as the transportation of cargo in ports. Companies that serve all types of ships also serve ships in the Port of Tuzla 24/7  without interruption. Tuzla ship agencies aim to provide services at the best prices as well as the highest quality customer satisfaction. All spare parts requests are delivered to the ships without any delay.

Tuzla Ship Repair

With our technical knowledge and qualified staff in the maritime field, Tuzla has also caused us to be popularly preferred in the field of ship repair. In all cases, we complete our work orders carefully, on time, and quickly with our flexible project procedure. Our highly advanced technological equipment and extensive facilities make it easier for us to fully meet our customers' needs. For ships that require repairs, when they travel, the crew is seriously endangered. With Tuzla ship repair, you can communicate all the details that require repair onboard to our company and find a solution easily. In our fully equipped workshops, your ship's physical or electronic problems are fixed and safely lowered onto the water again. Along with all this, our company also provides crew change in Tuzla.

Tuzla Shipyard Istanbul Turkey

Tuzla shipyard, where shipyards and suppliers are constantly together, is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Tuzla Shipyard is known as the most advantageous shipyard in the world. Tuzla is also highly developed as a shipping agency and ship supply. Our company, deck, fresh ingredients, radio, motor, medical equipment, Security, a store like a cabin for a safe journey extremely long, and the most advanced specializes in providing quality services. We supply our customers with the most well-known and quality product brands at the best market price possible, with no additional charges or hidden fees.