Dec 04

Our company has all the facilities to do all services in excellent condition and also to extend versatility in case you need more. Our workers have vast experience in this activity (over 14 years as the agent of the port ship) and we have the young and enthusiastic staff to make this company successful as well.  Since 2001, as Port Agent, we would like to give you the following services;

  • Ship agent 

  • Protective agent

  • Crew services

  • Full services for containers

  • Brokerage and chartering          

  • Shipyard connection for all type of repairs

  • Ship supply

Yalova Shipyard Agency

Yalova Shipyard Agency provides all kinds of ships with agency services and every new customer means a new beginning for us and Yalova Shipyard Agency is always ready for new starts. You are asked by Yalova Shipyard Agency to review the references to what we are doing. Many shipyards have been directly serving Yalova shipyards for years. Do not hesitate to call us and the Yalova Shipyard Agency will give you the best offer.  Yalova Shipping Agency provides the following services:

  • Arranging berth, pilotage, and tugs

  • Vessel Free practice and qualification in fitness

  • Obtaining internal and external port clearance for vessels

  • Visiting the vessel daily, tracking cargo loading, discharging, or transshipment activities

  • Documentation for Customs and Port Authority

  • Health treatment of crew members

  • Holding consumers continuously updated about the reality of progress

Yalova Ship Repair

For decades, Yalova Ship Repair has delivered 24/7/365 specialist services to all marine and offshore operators all over the world.

Crew Change in Yalova

Yalova Shipping Agency provides crew changes and also effective care to ship owners, 7 days a week, day and night, as needed:

  • Crew changes, including transportation, hotels, and plans for repatriation,

  • Arrangement and synchronization of crew changes by launch and helicopter,

  • Freshwater supply, provisions, and bunkers,

  • Telephone systems, including the delivery of the vessel's cell phones,

  • Post and delivery facilities,

  • Coordination of all repair types when necessary,

Our goal is to provide quality services.