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As long as there were ships in history, there were services given to those ships by someone else. Sometimes it was shipowners themselves, sometimes it was historical places professionalized to build and repair ships such as cities or ports. In modern times, shipyards are places to offer services mostly for building and repairing of ships. Here are some shipyards and information about them.


Established in 2007, BESIKTAS Shipyard is an investment BESIKTAS Group. Shipyards can offer services like shipbuilding, ship conversion, and ship repairing. The main and only shipyard is located in Yalova.

BESIKTAS Shipyard 2 floating dock and 1 dry dock which is dedicated to ship repairs and conversions which dimensions are

  • 235m x 40m Panamax size dry dock
  • 230m x 37m Panamax size floating dock
  • 382m x 58m floating dock

BESIKTAS Shipyard has 25.000m2 closed and 35.000m2 open area for steel and pipe works. Also, the shipyard has 80 nozzle capacity for grit blasting, 18 water jets up to 2500 bar hydro blasting, more than 60 pcs cherry pickers, man lifts and about 60.000 cm certified staging equipment. Also, in yard 820 m2 closed blasting and painting hall is in service for various applications. The shipyard also has workshops for outfitting, electrical, machinal areas.

The current CEO of the BESIKTAS Shipyard is Yavuz Kalkavan, who is also managing director of BESIKTAS Shipping Group.

OZATA Shipyard

Established in 1985 in Tuzla, Istanbul, OZATA Shipyard stayed in the company’s starting point for 17 years. In 2002, the company moved itself to Yalova. OZATA Shipyard mainly offers services of the new building, ship conversion, and ship repairing.

As for facilities, the shipyard has two yards in Yalova for each new building and repair & conversion. In the shipyard’s repairs & conversion yard, there is a total area of 50000m2. The shipyard has one floating dock with sizes of 180m x 27m. There is a repair steel processing capacity of 5000T in OZATA Shipyard’s repairs & conversion yard. Moreover, there are two slipways with dimensions of 130m x 33m and 150m x 50m, respectively. The closed area has workshops for shaft & propellers, machinery, electric, pipe & outfitting and, blasting & painting. Cranes of the yard as tonnes wise ranged from 7T to 20T. The new building yard has 2 slipways with sizes of 150m x 42m and, 120m x 20m, respectively. The Pier of the yard has a length of 200m. Jib and gantry cranes offer service in the yard with gantry cranes ranged from 15T and 50T. Workshops (mainly pre-fabrication and carbon fabric cut) and construction halls also are located at the OZATA Shipyard’s new building yard. 

The founder and the owner of the OZATA Shipyard is Özdemir Ataseven.


Although the main company itself dated back to the 1970s, shipyard establishment is in 2015 by acquiring a shipyard and company itself. By 2017, HICRI ERCILI Shipyard’s total area expands to 42000m2. The shipyard offers services like maintenance, shipbuilding, repairing, and conversion in its shipyard in Yalova.

There are three docks with one is a floating dock, and drydocks’ length is 80m and 170m. HICRI ERCILI Shipyard also has two slipways with dimensions of:

  • 146m x 27m
  • 132m x 30m

There is a total of eight winches in the shipyard apart from the winches operating in three hangars of the shipyard. Four out of eight are operating in port (two of them have a capacity of 5T while the other two have 30T capacity.). The other four winches ranged from 20T to 500T. Six winches operating in hangars are located as two on every three hangars with capacities 15T, 12T and, 20T.

The main company itself, HICRI ERCILI Shipyard is owned by Murat Ercili.


HAT SAN Shipyard

As an affiliation of PEKAR Group, HAT-SAN Shipyard came into effect by shipyard investments by the main company in the allocated area for shipyards in Yalova in 2006. Services given by the HAT-SAN Shipyard are new building of vessels, ship repair, and conversion.

Facilities wise, HAT-SAN Shipyard has its one and only shipyard in Yalova since its establishment. In this shipyard of the company, there are two slipways with sizes of:

  • 180m x 52m
  • 170m x 24m

And two slipways supported by gantry cranes apart from the other cranes of the shipyard. Furthermore, the floating dock of the shipyard had dimensions of 180m of length and 30m of the inner beam which according to the company’s information, this floating dock has been sold in 2016 and for repairing activities will be continued in a new floating dock which can offer services up to Panamax size vessels. HAT-SAN Shipyard also has a total closed production area of 6000m2. With three halls, two of halls work as production hall and the third one works for press for bending purposes. There are also 2 piers and 1 quay in the shipyard with dimensions of:

  • 215m x 15m pier (equipped with one jib crane)
  • 150m x 10m pier
  • 75m x10m quay

The Director of the board of the HAT-SAN Shipyard is Mustafa Pepe.

CEMRE Shipyard

With the acquiring/investing of the company’s own shipyard in 2007, the company’s own establishment dates back to 1996. With two shipyard facility areas in Yalova which are called CEMRE 1 and CEMRE 2, CEMRE Shipyard can offer shipbuilding services to different types of vessels like:

  • Passenger Vessels (RoPax ferries and short-range ferries)
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Offshore Vessels

Facilities itself, CEMRE Shipyard has a total of three slipways in two facility areas. Dimensions of slipways are:

  • 140m x 53m in CEMRE 1
  • 140m x 37m in CEMRE 1
  • 166m x 66m in CEMRE 2

CEMRE Shipyard also has 3 piping halls with a total area of 2950m2 (800 of 2950 are in the same area with outfitting area in CEMRE 2), 3 quays with lengths ranging from 155m to 200m, warehouses, outfitting halls, steel stock areas, and painting & blasting halls. Moreover, CEMRE Shipyard has a unit construction hall with a total area of 12400m2, cutting & bending prefabrication area of 9.200m² in CEMRE 2. 

CEMRE Shipyard’s current chairman of the board is Orhan Gülcek.

ASTAS & SELTAS Shipyards

Governed as one, ASTAS & SELTAS Shipyards, established in 1982 located firstly in Tuzla, Istanbul, and expanded their shipyard areas to Yalova which has a wider area than Tuzla (40000m2 and 4000m2 respectively). With 2 shipyards the company has, there are services that can be given as shipbuilding, ship conversion, docking, maintenance, and overhauling.

An older shipyard out of two is the ASTAS Shipyard in Tuzla, which dated back to 1982. There is one railed slipway in this shipyard with dimensions of 120m x 16m with the slipway itself has a weight capacity of 5500DWT maximum. Wharf with a length of 100m and a draught of 6m can carry out vessels up to 15000DWT. Also, there are two cranes in the shipyard, one is a portal and the other one is mobile.

Another shipyard of the company is the SELTAS Shipyard which locates in Yalova. Since the creation of the area in 2008, with its more areas, this shipyard became the shipyard that made more shipbuilding services. There are two slipways in the shipyard with dimensions of:

  • 150m x 30m
  • 175m x 35m

Both slipways have a maximum capacity of 55000DWT. For its shipbuilding activities, the shipyard has a steel manufacturing capacity of 11000 tons per annum. The shipyard also has a wharfage with a length of 105m and a draught of 7m in size. Moreover, SELTAS Shipyard gantry cranes and mobile cranes, two pieces of CNC.

The current chairman of the board of directors of the company is Sebahattin Aslan. 


KARMARINE Shipyard is a shipyard owned by Karadeniz Holding. The establishment of the shipyard, which is located in Yalova, is in 2015. The shipyard can offer construction, operation, purchase, sale, maintenance, repair services while also purchase and selling services of all kinds of mechanical equipment related to the marine and energy sectors. Powership ships can be built in the shipyard, thanks to the ability of development by Karpowership, which is another affiliate of Karadeniz Holding.

KARMARINE Shipyard has a total area, including manufacturing, maintenance, and closed area, of 21000m2. 12000m2 out of the total area is the closed area. Currently, skid capacity is 196 m long and 50 m wide. The shipyard can produce offshore-type vessels and platforms. There are 2 piers at the shipyard. Dimensions are: 

  • The pier no. 1: 300 m x 17 m 
  • The pier no. 2: 200 m x 18 m

As an affiliation of Karadeniz Holding, the current CEO of the holding is Orhan Remzi Karadeniz.


Established in 2014, DOGRUYOL Shipyard is located in Yalova’s well-known shipyard area of Altinova to offer its services mostly as ship repairing maintenance to domestic coaster vessels and wider portfolio internationally. 

As operational since 2017, the shipyard has a floating dock with dimensions of:

140m in length and 31m in width

With the floating dock, DOGRUYOL Shipyard also has a pier that has a length of 150m. As combined their power with Umut Engineering since 2016, the shipyard has necessary workshops for their operations.

SEFINE Shipyard

With the main location of Yalova, SEFINE Shipyard established in 2005. The shipyard offers newbuilding, ship maintenance, and repair services for vessels like commercial, fishing, search & rescue, and naval ships.

With the owned area of 140000m2 in Yalova, SEFINE Shipyard has a wide area for its operations. With their drydock, which has the sizes of 240m in length and 42m in width, which is working since 2010, the shipyard can offer their maintenance and repair services to vessels up to big Panamax vessels. The floating dock can carry out their operations for vessels with dimensions of 282m x 49m. The shipyard has a slipway with dimensions of 160m x 60m. The Pier of the shipyard has a length of 200m. Within its area, there are workshops about electrical, CNC cutting, steel production and assembly et cetera. SEFINE Shipyard also has an area for ship conversion purposes.

SEFINE Shipyard’s current general manager is Demir Koloğlu.