Dec 24

The International Tonnage Certificate is one of the official documents that must be acquired by a ship in order to go into international trade. The International Tonnage Certificate is required for all ships, 24 meters or over. The first page of this certificate includes the institution that made the audit and the state in which it was made, as well as the place and date of issue. The first page also includes the ship's identification information, overall dimensions, gross tonnage, and net tonnage.

On the other pages of this certificate, the first page of which is usually sent before the port, the sections that are taken into account in the calculation of tonnage and the volumes of the cargo areas are specified. These volumes are stated in m³. The information regarding capacity units is recorded on both sides of this standard certificate.

Tonnage Certificate is a document issued by authorized maritime authorities, which shows the actual tons registered tonnage of your ship. This document is mandatory for all ships in order to get maritime insurance coverage or to have your ship navigation cleared.

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