Dec 15

Dardanelles strait agent has appeared to give the best in agency services at Straits of Bosphorus and Dardanelles, all Turkish ports, and all other ports in the Black Sea-Mediterranean region. Rail and ferry transportation, port operations, and door-to-door deliveries of project cargo from the Marmara and Black Sea regions were initiated by our company.

The Turkish Republic offers a higher order of safe vessel transfers for our guests. Our stations notify indigenous and foreign vessels of safety regulations and guide them through all maneuvers to be carried out. However, a crucial incident to be taken care of is the transit going through the Turkish Straits. Therefore another important aspect is the assignment of the agent to coordinate the passing procedures.

Canakkale Strait Shipping

Canakkale strait shipping is fully prepared to have regional and worldwide agreements with all ports in the Turkish and Black Sea regions. Information about all our customers and partners can be shared; 

  • Rules of Turkish Strait Passages (Bosphorus and Dardanelles)
  • Sp-1 for the Bosphorus and Dardanelles passage type
  • Turkish Ports pre-arrival documents,
  • For all subjects concerned, your calls to our 24-hour agency department are always welcome.

Dardanelles Strait Ship Canakkale

Technical management, crew management, risk management & processes, vessel accounting, and procurement services are among our ship management services. We struggle to ensure and extend our tradition and prestige for high-quality, professional services to the worldwide maritime industry.

Dardanelles Strait Shipping

The Sea of Marmara is connected by the Canakkale Bogazi, known as the Dardanelles Strait, to the Aegean Sea. There is a very narrow Turkish Strait, and the wind is more like a river than the sea. Approximately six thousand tons of cement per day, about eight thousand tons of clinker per day can be loaded by Dardanelles Strait Shipping at Canakkale. It is capable of unloading about five thousand tons a day. Mobile cranes, forklifts, and special equipment for discharging scrap, logs, paper, and other bulk cargo are equipped at the berths.